Bill DRUMMOND, United Kingdom

Bill Drummond is with no doubt one of the most important conceptual artists in contemporary art. Nevertheless, his critique of art and artists relation to the art worlds reward system, of contemporary art’s unwritten ideological correctness, have stigmatized his work by the nomenklatura of contemporary art.  If his work is as visionary as it is uncompromising, Drummond constantly achieves what he sets out to do. From his and Jimmy Cauty’s historical body of work like the K Foundation Award, Money :  A Major Body of Cash and finally Burn A Million Quid (all realized in 1994) when he and Cauty burned 1 million pound sterling, Drummond has constantly challenged the mainstream.

In his more recent work he transposes working class professions, into the realm of action art. Whether it is as a street cleaner, shoe shiner, baker, driver or carpenter Bill Drummond questions not only the institutional definition of art but proposes a new one like in Making a Bed. But maybe more important he brings art closer to life and inversely life closer to art, within the specific avant-garde conceptual tradition of Marcel Duchamp, Jean Dubuffet, Joseph Beuys and Marcel Broodthaers. You can explore his most recent theoretical writings in his text 10 Commandments.

For more informaton on Bill Drummond and his work please visit his website Penkiln Burn.

Bill Drummond. Head painting 11. London 2013Bill Drummond. Head painting 11. London 2013. Photo credit : Tracey Moberly.


4_-_Head_Paintings-_flyposted_in_Heath_Mill_Lane-_Birmingham_with_Bill_Drummond__2014_ref_P4983Head Paintings, flyposted in Heath Mill Lane Birmingham with Bill Drummond.Photo credit : Tracey Moberly.


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