With Infr’Action, the city of Sète transforms itself into a capital of performance art showcasing some of the very best international artist on todays scene. Proximity, encounter, and  presence, represents the principal qualities of this 10th edition of Infr’Action which takes place in the public space of Sète and in the evenings at the Espace Paul Boyé (45, quai de Bosc) from Septembre 10 to 14 2014.

As a way to celebrate this years edition we have inversed our usual principle of presenting new artist, in presenting artists that have already been invited to any of Infr’Action’s former editions, with the exception of the Sète artist, Axel di Chiappari.

Infr’Action is the underground revealed in public space, and we are very pleased to have been able to convince the British artist Bill Drummond to participate in this annual encounter of performance art. The famous representative of The KLF, incarnates completely the spirit of the festival, through his human qualities as well as through the power of his actions. To Drummond, fame and glory are not what matters, but rather more simple and human values. In this sense, the life of Bill Drummond is a work in itself, in direction towards an unknown future. His conceptual works created with Jimmie Cauty within the framework of the K-Foundation are today legendary. In response to the Turner Prize in 1993, they created the K-Foundation Art Award to the ”worst British artist of the year” with twice the sum of the Turner Prize,40 000 pound (60 000 euros), But maybe even more so with the outstanding and prophetic work Burn a Million Quid in which they burned one million pounds (1,5 million euros) on the isle of Jura in Scotland on August 23 1994. In this sense Infr’Action can be said to celebrate two anniversaries, its own 10th year of existence, and the 20th anniversary of this historic work, which so well talks about our time.

Ali AL-FATLAWI, Switzerland/Iraq. Infr'Action Venezia 2013. © Roland von der Emden & Infr'Action Venezia.


Wathiq AL-AMERI, Iraq/Switzerland

Ali AL-FATLAWI, Iraq/Switzerland

Gustaf BROMS, Sweden

Loïc CONNANSKI, France

John COURT, Finland/UK

Axel Di CHIAPPARI, France

Bill DRUMMOND, United Kingdom

Stein HENNINGSEN, Norway

Nigel ROLFE, Ireland

Joakim STAMPE, Sweden

Valentin TORRENS, Spain