10 years of Infr’Action is a moment to celebrate. Like the son of Sète Paul Valéry so well said ”Memory is the future of the past”, and for Infr’Action the future is with us, as is our collective memory.

Out of our many accomplishments during these 10 years, maybe the most important is how Infr’Action have succeeded in bridging the gap between art and life, between avant-garde creation and the people. Our slogan since our beginning seemed utopian, Avant-Garde and Popular. But that which at first seemed utopian has today become a reality. From which we learn that it everything is a question of time and of course of action. Two of the specific characteristics of performance art, and the qualities of presence. Time and action.

Infr’Action is today a model of a cultural democracy, how art can reach out to an audience unfamiliar with contemporary art and succeed with it. Of course, it wasn’t easy in the beginning, but today 10 years later we can look back and see that we have accomplished what we only were able to hope for.

Since the first festival in 2005 Infr’Action have presented more than 300 artists from over 48 countries, but also initiated international partnerships co-organised events in cities like Paris, Venice, New York and Canton, and promoted French artists abroad. It’s role in contemporary performance art is essential, not only in France but internationally.

10 years of Infr’Action is also a moment when we should reflect on our journey, on our past, and find out where we want to go in the here and now and of course in the future.

So when we celebrate this 10th year of Infr’Action we will not do it in any spectactular way, but will stay true to our own vision of the importance of proximity between the artists and the public, to simply exist on a human scale. But thanks to our experience we have also developed a new event design which we think will give more time to reflection, to encounter and exchange, and to experimentation.