The Festival


Since its first edition in 2005 Infr’Action have showcased more than 300 artists from 47 countries. The festival have had the objective to develop the scene of performance art in France, to sustain its visibility but also to showcase French artists on the international scene. 

When Infr'Action first started it was with som scandals, but since then we can say that Infr’Action have won over the hearts and minds of the people of Sète. Now, people are awaiting for it. What will happen, what imaginary images and actions will be presetned this year…. When you have the fruitsellers explaining the work of the artists to passers by, then you have achieved something says co-curator Nadia Capitaine. And of course Infr’Action is something special to its visitors. 

Stein Henningsen. Crosses of Liberty. Infr'Action 2005. © Jonas Stampe & Infr'Action.

You will be standing on a fruit or a fleamarket in front of an international avant-garde artist that usually you only can see works of in the museum or the contemporary art centre. Performance art is live, so why not situate it where people live….  stimulating our imagination of what art and life is… and could be... 

Siobhan Mullen. Liquide Tableau. Infr'Action 2006. © Stein Henningsen & Infr'Action.

With Infr’Action the avant-garde has become popular. It is certainly another way of distributing contemporary art. Everybody is free to go to and meet up with the art, and the artists, who are presenting their work live and direct in the public space. 

Infr'Action gives you the possiblity to live five days that you will certainly not forget. To discover the avant-garde of contemporary art in the remarkable settings of the city of Sète, blending nearness and conviviality.




Cultural Democracy