Nadia Capitaine

Nadia Capitaine is responsible as  co-ordinator within the team of Infr'Action staff. Amongst other things she is in charge of pedagogical actions, administrative tasks and is also involved with the marketing of the festival. She is further managing all the preparatory tasks concerning material and equipment for the artists participating in Infr'Action.
Nadia has followed a unique international educational programme in project management conceived for social actors and ONG's staff  engaged in civil society. Globalverkstan (the Global Workshop) as the  educational programme is called, is run under the auspices of the University of Gothenburg, Sweden.
Nadia's professional experiences from different public and private sectors, ranging from actors and artist agencies to graphic conception studios, deepens the knowhow and the professionalism to the staff of the festival.





Nadia Capitaine

Roland von der Emden

Jonas Stampe