The outcome of Infr'Action 2006 was very positive. Its numerous audience could appreciate the man with the « flower head », Pekka Kainulainen from Finland, present in the city during the five days of the festival, alongside the other 43 artists.

Nobody in Sète could have missed out on the artists of Infr'Action being present amongst the thousands of people present at the markets, streets, places and other typical locations of Sète. Infr'Action has without any doubts received the attention of the city's population during these five days, where 44 artists coming from 18 countries presented more than 90 performances.

Pekka Kainulainen. "Tête de fleurs. Infr'Action 2006. © Stein Henningsen & Infr'Action.

The attention from the regional and the national media was massive. In an article in Libération Pierre Daum wrote : « since two days and until Sunday, Sète usually asleep in the veneration of its illustruous heroes (Georges Brassens, Paul Valéry), finds itself gently played up. / / these five days in Sète gives us a chance to measure the espanse of the possibilities of Performance Art ».

Beside the very positive article in Libération, the interest from regional media was complete. From television broadcasters like France3 Méditerranée or M6 Montpellier, or the press, like Midi-Libre, Midi Loisirs, l'Hérault du Jour, La Gazette de Sète,  


M+ and l'Indépendant. But also from the part of regional cultural magazines like Enscène, Sortir or others from Aix-en Provence and Marseille. Of course, this stated interest from the media gives us great satisfaction.
In fact, the artistic quality of the program proposing 44 artists coming from over 18 countries makes Infr'Action a major event in contemporary art in France, and in the field of performance art even in Europe.   

Pierre Pinoncelli. Infr'Action 2006. © Stein Henningsen & Infr'Action.

Moreover, at the international performance art festival you find avant-garde artists who realize their work in close contact with the population, on the markets, in a naturally popular and universal context. However, it is not as important to focus on the number of artists as on the artistic quality present, like the legendary French artist Pierre Pinoncelli, the German Boris Nieslony or the Scotsman Bill Drummond.
Or for that matter, other great artists with an international reputation like the Polish Wladyslaw Kazmerczak & Ewa Rybska, or Artur Tajber, Roi Vaara from Finland, the Spanish Esther Ferrer, or Christina Oiticica from Brazil.
Other emerging artists were also present like Gwendoline Robin from Belgium, Alice Kok from Macao, or the Korean Myung Ok-Han. And our own region was represented by a number of young artists like Benjamin Carbonne and Antonio Rodriguez Yuste or for that matter Antoine Rousselle and Jean-Christophe Trentinella.









Julien Blaine

Benjamin Carbonne

Stéphane Carbonne

Jota Castro

Chen Chieh-jen

Brian Connolly

Maria Cosmes

John Court

Liliane D.O.L.

Bill Drummond

Esther Ferrer

Yann Guez

Myung Ok-Han

Kevin Henderson

Stein Henningsen

Jin Ha

Pekka Kainulainen

Wladyslaw Kazmierczak

Alice Kok

Seulgi Lee

Pekka Luhta

Boris Nieslony

Siobhan Mullen

Christina Oiticica

Irma Optimist

Tanja Ostojic

Mimosa Pale

Serge Pey

Carlos Pina

Pierre Pinoncelli

Erkki Pirtola

Gwendoline Robin

Antonio Rodriguez Yuste

Ewa Rybska

Younès Rahmoun

Antoine Rousselle

Linda Granfors

Joakim Stampe

Jean-Christophe Trentinella

Pierre Tilman

Artur Tajber

Roi Vaara

Willem Wilhelmus

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